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Albion PvE & PvP: A Good Balance

Actually, for Albion Online gameplay, this game is supposed to have an equilibrium PvP as well as PvE, as well all know, it actually being a sandbox. First one thing, in Albion Online is in NO WAY a sandbox game AT ALL. PvE should both be dangerous and safe. Beta 1 was most likely the best compared to beta 2. Albion Online gamers are expecting to more cheap albion online gold for sale.

However, most of players plan on going back a small map, they must bring back the smoky as well as smugglers bay raids back to the game too. In addition, those were too populated and always popular, they were a good balance of both PvP and PvE.

First PVE, only fix it needs is content, this will be an ongoing thing once it releases. The raids like smoky and smugglers was amazing and i hope they return, But by no means should end game content be in yellow or green zones. In Albion online, if you had in possession of more albion online gold, and you would become next winner.

It takes away from the whole risk - reward, and no fighting mobs is not a risk no matter how many times you say it unless you lose your gear when they kill you. So yes bring fun stuff to yellow zones and big raids dungeons just don't make it T6,7,8.

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