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Albion Weapons & Combat: Daggers And Bow

When you are playing Albion Online for the first time, it's no hyperbole to say that it would be overwhelming for some people, in particular a streamer who might get impatient if the action doesn't happen quickly or if they get frustrated during the stream.

Albion online players expounds: I often went to yellow zones because I am not fond of losing gear, and the rewards were just as great, That is how I reached t7 plate and t8 mounts and weapons. However, without sufficient albion online gold how can you buy most powerful weapons?

Now, I got bored after reaching t6, all because the original raids no longer exist in that form, nor does the old map so it's way harder to find stuff. Have you another questions or more wondering things? By visiting official website:

Meanwhile, some players are trying to decide on a build, between dual daggers and a bow, in addition, they truly like the bow and they feel it could be nice. In albion, occassionally, you can go hours without any exciting combat, And if you are roaming it is virtually impossible to conceal your location which will get you stream sniped.

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